Where in the world is Mike?

Wow.. October 2016 huh? I’ve been so many places in the time that has passed since I last posted. Operating a blog.. it’s a lot of work. It takes time, time that could be spent shooting photos, making videos, hiking mountains, chasing sunrises and sunsets. And so time is one of the reasons I have not kept up with posts on this page. The other reason is that I have maxed out on free space. I can’t really share any more beautiful photos on here with out deleting old posts, or purchasing a bigger better plan. While that would be nice to do I just can’t justify it at this time. I post to Facebook and instagram very frequently so if you’re looking to keep up with my daily adventures check there (@michaelthenomad on instagram and https://www.facebook.com/michaelthenomad).

Where have I been? Colombia, Costa Rica, Wyoming, Texas, New Orleans… Just to name a few. And where will I be? Everywhere. Here are a few frames.


White Sands National Monument, NM


Big Bend National Park, TX


Big Bend National Park, TX


Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ


Lone Rock, Page, AZ


Havasupai, AZ


Nauyaca Falls, Costa Rica




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