Intermission; Saudade vs Nostalgia

Part 3 of my Epiphany series will be coming soon. I’ve been in a bit of a life transition over the past month. Here is a recent scan, a song, and some thoughts to pass the time.


  Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game (Nehzuil Remix)  

näˈstaljə/ – ‘when you are thankful for the memory, but sad that you will never be able to experience that moment again’

souˈdädə/ – ‘a feeling, a longing for something or some event that one is fond of, which is gone, but might return in a distant future. It often carries a fatalist tone and a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might really never return’
Saudade has crept into my vocabulary over the years and become a word I view with with deep reverie. Nostalgia carries the assurance that the moment you long for is permanently gone. Saudade is like nostalgia but with the hope that what is being longed for might return, even if that return is unlikely or so distant in the future to be almost of no consequence to the present.
Today and many days in the future I will experience Saudade, but I will carry always the hope that the source of my longing will someday return to me.
Ponder on my friends.

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