Preface to an Epiphany

I’ve been incredibly busy over the past few months. Not only did the late season snow in Colorado offer daily doses of stoke, but I spent quite a few weeks traveling the western frontier of the United States. I have quite a few sets of photos and photos to share and stories to relive. I will be covering my journey in a series of posts, but first I want to warm things up with a few things that led into my recent oft labeled ‘trip of a lifetime’.

In March I travelled from Denver through Four Corners to the Grand Canyon with a few friends on a short tour. The trip took us through a wide range of environments and opened up a whole new appreciation for the southwest.

Our first stop was at an undisclosed factory and slaughterhouse that seems to be gaining a second wind as an unofficial art gallery. We arrived at first light, and I took advantage of the beautiful glow that crept through the building.

The facility is sprawling and provides considerably diverse environments through out. Local artists have clearly taken a liking to the unique canvasses afforded to them. The upper floors included an atrium like room with large windows and rows of pillars that most likely functioned as the kill room in the former workflow. Stripped of it’s purpose and seen brightened by the imaginative hands and minds of street artists gives the room a much more hopeful vibe. I hope you enjoy the photos.

My next post will explore the San Luis Valley area through south west Colorado and into Arizona.


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