The Hospital With The Room That No Man Dare Enter (So we did)

Made a pit stop in the middle of nowhere to check out this old abandoned (and very very small) hospital. A local filled us in on some of the details. The owner apparently passed recently and so the fate of the building is up in the air. After the town built a new hospital this building housed the local deranged individuals before becoming abandoned. Most recently there were attempts to convert it to a scare house, but the property was deemed unsafe due to the amount of asbestos.

Here’s some of the local lore,
“A little boy died there and haunts the place. Electricity was cut off but inside you can still turn on the lights and all the clocks have the same time on them that doesn’t change even when they are plugged in. Telephone dial tones can be herd when you pick up the phone to but no calls can be made. Doors open and close on their own. There is a room in the basement that no one can enter.. blah blah blah blah”

The local guy who filled us in on the place also pointed out the room that no one dare enter at which point I walked up and opened the door. Shocker!!! Nothing crazy happened. The room was filled with about 60 vacuum cleaners.

Anyways here are a few photos.

Cause there is always a lonely chair


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