Photo of the Day: Shameless Burning

As a documenter of all things Pittsburgh graffiti I am constantly on the prowl. I travel frequently and often take to walking or biking to really explore thoroughly. Unfortunately, for now that is coming to hiatus. I’ll be in Colorado exploring different things. However, during my time exploring this past year I’ve seen a few things that caught me by surprise. For instance; just a few weeks ago I was walking across the Liberty Bridge from Downtown to the South Side. I don’t make this walk often. It’s impractical.. On this day however, I was crossing and noticed that down on the tracks someone was painting a full on burner of a piece. We’re talking right during the middle of rush hour with cans and cans of paint and a cigarette hanging from his lip. I applaud this shameless and ballsy daytime effort. It was a treat. So now for you, some photographic evidence.

Agany In Action


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