Photo of the Day: Trackside Aesthetics

Graff Life. These are the things that draw me to the overgrown wall ridden tracks. The writings on the wall and the beautiful tones of the grassy oats. It also makes me realize that summer really is over. The colors start to turn cold..dull. I’ve been realizing lately that my photography and videography choices revolve around the seasons. As the beautiful warm saturated tones of summer give way I find myself manipulating my shots to feel colder and lifeless. Here’s some life before the freeze.



2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Trackside Aesthetics

  1. usolee says:

    of course we’re influenced and in tune with the seasons. i’m from hawaii man, so for the first 17 years of my life all i knew was hot and semi-cold/cool. now, i’ve been living in seasons for 10 years and i love it! especially the way my creativity shifts with my environment

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