Photo of the Day: 4th of July Fireworks by Mother Nature

The fireworks in Pittsburgh last night were pretty good, and I’ll have a video to post of it soon, but the real star of the night was Mother Nature. She delivered an hour of nonstop lightning over the city post fireworks, and I made it up to Mt. Washington with just enough time to capture a little of the magic.


3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: 4th of July Fireworks by Mother Nature

  1. Donald Jones says:

    Hey Mike, I found this site from a google search. You have some nice pittsburgh photography. I was really interested in this photo. Do you have this in color? And would you be willing to let me use it on my website as a header photo? I currently have a poor photo due to a low quality image, and I want to replace it. This will be a frequented website by a lot of people once IRB approved for the public, so it could get you some publicity. I can add a concise watermark like the one on the current header.

    • mikemckelvey says:

      What kind of website? I’d be willing to design a header for your website based around one of my photos, but I’d like to know more about it first.

      • Donald Jones says:

        The webesite is It is for a specific study on rheumatology at the University of Pittsburgh. Any help with the header would be great. I am trying to keep it realivant to Rheumatology, UPMC, university, and city. Since rheumatology is an immunology disease that affects the connective tissue and other parts of the body. I was trying to focus pictures on motion and outdoors. Mostly things to spark interest, and to keep patients in a good mood. The website will have heavy traffic for our patients, family, and friends. I currently have most of the site locked due to a pending institutional review board approval. Please view the site, and let me know your thoughts. My email is at the bottom of the RACER website. Thank you!

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